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Law School: Stanford Law School 
Address: Crown Quadrangle 
  559 Nathan Abbott Way 
City: Stanford 
State, Zip: CA, 94305-8610 
Country: United States  
Phone: 650-723-3924 

Administrator Name: Susan Robinson 
Administrator Title: Associate Dean 
Phone: 650-723-3924 
Fax: 650-723-0212 

Registrar's Name: Kim Borg 
Phone No: 650-723-0994 
Names & titles of key CSO staff: Please see our website ( for a complete list of OCS staff. 

No. of hours required to graduate: 111 

No. of Full-time students 571 
No. of Evening students:
No. of Part-time students:
Total: 571 

'13-'14 Year 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year Total
Men: 105  113  109  327 
Woman: 75  78  91  244 
Totals: 180  191  200  571 
Black (Men): 17 
Black (Women): 10  25 
Hispanics (Men): 18  12  39 
Hispanics (Women): 10  15  34 
American Indian/Alaskan (Men):
American Indian/Alaskan (Women):
Asian/Pacific Islander (Men): 10  27 
Asian/Pacific Islander (Women): 15  31 
Disabled (Men):
Disabled (Woman):
Openly GLBT (Men):
Openly GLBT (Woman):

Do you offer LL.M. degrees? Yes 
Is LL.M. grading system equivalent to JD system? Yes 
Do you offer joint degree programs? Yes 
NO. of LL.M. degrees awarded in previous year: 34 

Subjects Full-time Evening Part-time Other
Law, Science & Tech 11
Corporate Law & Business 11
JSM 12
Subjects Full-time Evening Part-time Other
No records retrieved.

Applications received: 3783 
Size of entering class: 180 
No. of undergraduate colleges represented: 70 
No. of states represented: N/A 
In-state enrollment: N/A 
Out-state enrollment: N/A 
Foreign countries represented: N/A 

25% 50% 75%
Grade Point Average Full-time 3.72 3.85 3.93
Overall 3.72 3.85 3.93
Law School Admission Test


Full-time 167 170 173
Overall 167 170 173
In determining GPA and LSAT averages, are all students included? No 
  If "No", what percentage is not included?
.5% No reportable GPA.

Fall Semester: Begin Date:
End Date:
Spring Semester: Begin Date:
End Date:
Semester Break: Begin Date:
End Date:
Spring Break: Begin Date:
End Date:

Clinical Courses/Program Enrollment Based on
Community Law Clinic
Community Law Clinic, Advanced
Criminal Defense Clinic
Criminal Prosecution Clinic
Environmental Law Clinic
Environmental Law Clinic, Advanced
Externship, Civil Law
Externship, Criminal Law
Externship, Special Circumstances
Federal Litigation (First Year Course)
Federal Pretrial Litigation
Immigrants' Rights Clinic
Immigrants' Rights Clinic, Advanced
International Human Rights and Development Clinic
Int'l Human Rts and Development Clinic: Advanced
Organizations and Transactions Clinic
Supreme Court Litigation Clinic
Supreme Court Litigation Clinic, Advanced
Three Strikes Project
Three Strikes Project, Advanced
Trial Advocacy Workshop
Youth and Education Law Project
Youth and Education Law Project, Advanced

Is Moot Court a required activity? No 
Please describe program, including when students participate, how board members are selected, etc.
Second and third year students may participate for three units of credit in the intra-school Marion Rice Kirkwood competition, which is administered by a faculty advisors and the Moot Court Board.  Board membership is based on previous participation in the Kirkwood Competition.

Journals No. of Students Grades Write-on Intv. Other
Stanford Law Review 87 no yes no none
Environmental Law Journal 27 no no no none
Journal of International Law 35 no no no none
Journal of Law, Business & Finance 29 no no no none
Stanford Law & Policy Review 132 no no no none
Stanford Techology & Law Review 38 no no no none
Journal of Civil Rts. & Civil Liberties 31 no no no none
Stanford Journal, Law, Science & Policy 18 no no no none
Stanford Journal of Animal Law & Policy 6 no no no none
Stanford Law School Documentary Project 29 no no no none
Asian & Pacific Islander Law Students Assocation
Black Law Students Association
Native American Law Students Association
Stanford Latino Law Students Association
Women of Color Action Network
Advanced Degree Student Association
American Bar Association, Law Students Division
American Constitution Society
Animal Legal Defense Fund
China Law and Policy Association
J. Reuben Clark Law Society
Criminal Law Society
Drama Society
Environmental Law Society
Federalist Society
Jewish Law Students Association
First Person
Law Association
Marion Rice Kirkwood Moot Court Board
National Lawyers Guild
Public Interest Coalition
Shaking the Foundations
Stanford BioLaw and Health Policy Society
Stanford Entertainment and Sports Law Association
Stanford International Human Rights Association
Stanford International Law Society
Stanford Law and Technology Association
Stanford Law School Mock Trial Program
Stanford Public Interest Law Foundation (SPILF)
Street Law
Civil Rights & Civil LIberties Society
Older Wiser Law Students
Real Estate & Land Use Association
SLS Academy
League of Stanford Transfers
SLS Christian Fellowship
Stanford Law & Wine Society
Stanford National Security & the Law Society
Women of Stanford Law (WSL)
Stanford Law Democrats
Youth & Education Advocates of Stanford Law
Barker's Guild
Stanford Assoc. of Law Students for Disability Rts
Stanford Law School Energy Club
Stanford Intellectual Property Association
Stanford Law Students for Reproductive Justice
Stanford Law Veterans Organization
Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project
The Voting Rights Project
Joint Degree Student Association
Law Students Building A Better Legal Profession
Parents Attending Law Schools (PALS)
Stanford Assoc. for Law in the Middle East (SALME)

Letter Grades Other Grade System? Numerical Equivalents

MINIMUM GRADE REQUIRED TO ATTAIN (Based on May 2013 graduation class)
Top 10%: We Do Not 
Top 25%: Rank Our 
Top 33%: Students 
Top 50%:  
Top 75%:  

Median GPA:  
Minimum grade required for graduation:  
Do you have a pass/fail option? Yes
If "Yes", please describe: Please see narrative for description. 
Are students ranked in their class? No
If so, how often?  
Will the school verify student grades? Yes
Please describe policy: In accordance with FERPA regs, Stanford Law School will verify grades with the permission of the student. The Career Services Office also distributes a grade explanation sheet. 

Name of Award No. Awarded Selection Process
Frank Belcher Evidence Award 1 Best academic work in Evidence
Steven M. Block Civil Liberties Awa 3 Best written work on personal freedom issues
Carl Mason Franklin Prize/Int'l Law 1 Outstanding paper(s) in International Law
Olaus & Adolph Murie Award 2 Best written work in Environmental Law
Hilmer Oehlmann Jr. Prizes 10 First Year LRW and Fed. Litigation Award
Marion Rice Kirkwood Moot Court 4 Best oral advocate, brief, team, runner-up te
Stanford Law Review 1 Best editorial contribution to SLR
Gerald Gunther Prize Excellence in exam class
John Hart Ely Prize Excellence in paper class
Judge Thelton E. Henderson Prize Excellence in clinical course
Kirkland & Ellis Scholars 6 Scholastic achievement in the first year.
  % of Class Receiving GPA Required # of Students
Order of the Coif: Not given
Summa cum laude: Not given
Magna cum laude: Not given
Cum laude: Not given
Other: Not given

Areas of practice (Include both legal and non-legal positions) % of employed students with jobs in area Employment locations % of students with known location who are in region
Private practice: 55  New England: 1.5 
Business and industry: Middle Atlantic: 16 
Government: East North Central:
Judicial clerkship: 26  West North Central:
Military: South Atlantic: 19 
Public interest organization: East South Central: 0.5 
Academic: West South Central:
Job category not identified: Mountain:
Pacific: 45 

  Jurisdictions: (states and/or metropolitan areas)
                      with the highest % of graduates from the most recent graduating class

  Week invitations are sent to employers:
Week of March 5, 2012
  OCI requests accepted by:  
  Mail Beginning Date:
  Phone beginning date:
  Email beginning date: To Email:
  Online beginning date: 03/05/2012 URL:
Please specify any changes in OCI procedures or policies that will be in effect for the first time during Fall 2014 :
No new procedures for Fall 2012. Employers will again register on-line. Past participants will be invited. New employers should contact our office for ID and password.
OCI date assignment procedure:
 First come first served   Random
 Early/Late Rotation   Out of state employer by geographic location
  OCI Fee?
Contact the office for information or consult OCS website.
  OCI date confirmation will be sent to employers:
May 4, 2012
  if requested our school will coordinate with:
UC Hastings (Contact Office of Career Services for guidelines regarding coordination).
  Describe required employer forms:
Signed copy of our OCI policies (inc. SLS Non-Discrimination Policy); SLS's Addendum To The NALP Workplace Environment Questionnaire uploaded to employer's profile on Symplicity; Completion of the NALP form and Workplace Environment Questionnaire at
OCI dates for August: -
OCI dates for Fall: 08/20/2012 - 08/31/2012
OCI dates for Spring: -
  Flyback dates:

  Is video conferencing available?  Yes 
Video conferencing is accommodated on an as-needed basis.

  Are employers permitted to prescreen?  No 
  If "No", explain:
Interviews are allocated initially through a lottery, then manual sign-ups.

OCI drop date:
Date student materials sent to employer:
Date interview schedule sent to employer:
Postage/express mail fee?
We use Symplicity as an on-line job database. We also offer a Resume Collection option wherin we open the website to enable employers to download the applicants' resumes in batch.
Do you provide resume collection or direct mail option for employers not participating in OCI?  Yes 
  Are all OCI conducted in campus buildings?  Yes 
  If "No", describe alternatives and reservation procedure:

1.  Cooperative/Regional Interview Programs (Consortia)
Nine Bay Area schools collaborate to host the Annual Public Interest/Public Sector Day in February.  Student resumes are sent to public interest/public sector employers for prescreening.  Contact Anna Wang, Deputy Director, Levin Center for Public Service and Public Interest Law, at 650-723-2519 for additional information.

  Diversity Interview Programs:

  Will you send, upon request, one package containing resumes/transcripts?  No 
  Will you post a notice directing students to apply directly to employer?  Yes 

If you provide job listings for graduates, describe how to send notice, when employers can expect responses, length of time notice is posted (whether in print or online), etc.;
If employers have job openings, whether for summer, part-time or post-graduation, we encourage them to notify Stanford Law School students and alumni. They should enter the job(s) online  at

If the employer is new to Stanford and has never posted a job online with us before, the recruiter will have to register first, providing basic contact information about the company or organization. That information will not have to be re-entered in the future.

For law school alumni, there is a Stanford Law Community website where alumni can network, and alumni-to-alumni job opportunities are also posted.

Please contact  our office at  650-723-3924 or with any questions

Describe any special regulations pertaining to the recruitment of first year students that are in addition to the NALP guidelines. For example, are first year students eligible for spring OCI? When are job notices posted during second semester?
Stanford Law School supports the NALP guidelines. First-year law students participate in the Spring OCI Program in late January.  Job notices may be posted to first-year students at

Stanford law students participate in the Bay Area Minority Summer Clerkship Program, which is sponsored by three bar associations in cooperation with six San Francisco area law schools.

When an employer expresses a special interest in minority students, we post these positions to an on-line group which students can elect to join if they wish to receive announcements specific to diversity candidates.  We appreciate learning of recruitment programs elsewhere in the nation in which our students can participate.

Stanford Law School (SLS) strives to educate and train the best lawyers in the country through its curriculum and programs. SLS established the Pro Bono Program to ensure that its students and faculty have opportunities to increase their knowledge and legal skills, and to serve the public.

The ethical standards of the American legal profession state that lawyers should aspire to provide significant pro bono publico legal services. Members of the legal profession advance the common good through rigorous representation of clients and dedication to ethical standards that require them to serve the public. SLS similarly expects its students and faculty to aspire to provide such service. For the purposes of this policy, law-related pro bono work includes any uncompensated public service in which legal skills are exercised.

All students are encouraged to participate in the Pro Bono Program. Ideally, students will undertake at least 50 hours of law-related pro bono work during their time at the Law School. Clinical coursework over and above the number of hours set by clinical instructors as appropriate for their course may be counted toward this standard. A student who meets the 50 hour goal will be recognized for his or her community service at a reception in their honor, the annual Public Interest Awards ceremony and graduation.

The recruiting policies and guidelines of Stanford Law School have been developed to contribute to a positive and successful experience for students and recruiters. These guidelines are designed to support the academic mission of the School. Stanford Law School's Policy on non-discrimination in employment has been in effect since 1985 and parallels the policy required of member schools by the Association of American Law Schools:

Stanford Law School makes its facilities and services open only to employers who do not discriminate on the basis of age, religion, disability, ethnic background, national origin, gender, race, sexual orientation, or veteran status. However, the School's non-discrimination policy permits, and Stanford Law School encourages, lawful affirmative action in hiring women and the members of minority groups that are under-represented in the legal profession.

STANFORD LAW SCHOOL'S GRADING POLICY (effective Aut. 2008-2009 for JDs graduating after June 2009):

In the majority of courses, e.g., those graded by exam or paper and Legal Research and Writing/Federal Litigation in the first-year JD curriculum, the following grades will be given:

H - Honors (Representing exceptional work, significantly superior to the average performance at the school.)
P - Pass (Representing successful mastery of the course material.)
R  - Restricted credit (Representing work that is plainly unsatisfactory; work that if done over the course of the studentís law school career in many or all of the studentís courses, would be inconsistent with allowing the student to receive a degree.)
F  - Fail (Representing work that does not show minimally adequate mastery of the material.)

In other classes, primarily the so-called ďskillsĒ courses, the following grading scale is in effect:

MP - Mandatory Pass (Representing P or better work.)
R  - Restricted credit (Representing work that is plainly unsatisfactory; work that if done over the course of the studentís law school career in many or all of the studentís courses, would be inconsistent with allowing the student to receive a degree.)
F  - Fail (Representing work that does not show minimally adequate mastery of the material.)
Re: Composition of Enrollment:
Information on students self-identified as disabled is not available.

Note: SLS is now on the quarter system.

Autumn Quarter:
Start Date(s):  Tuesday, September 4, 2012 (1L classes); Monday, September 24, 2012 (2L/3L/Adv. classes)
End Date: Friday, December 14, 2012 (Exams end)

Winter Quarter:
Start Date: Monday, January 7, 2013
End Date: Friday, March 22, 2013 (Exams end)

Spring Recess: Monday-Friday, March 25-29, 2013.

Spring Quarter:
Start Date: Monday, April 1, 2013
End Date: Friday, June 7, 2013 (Exams end)

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