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Law School: Florida Coastal School of Law 
Address: 8787 Baypine Road 
City: Jacksonville 
State, Zip: FL, 32256 
Country: United States  
Phone: 904-680-7700 

Administrator Name: Ellen K. Sefton 
Administrator Title: Director of Career Services 
Phone: 904-680-7744 
Fax: 904-680-7729 

Registrar's Name: Bridgette Waines 
Phone No: 904-680-7780 
Names & titles of key CSO staff: Lydia S. Russo, Associate Director of Career Services
Jocelyn F. Donahue, Career Services Counselor
Lisa M. Vervynck, Project Manager (OCI Contact)
Kimberly Reid, Career Services Counselor
Joy Behan, Career Services Counselor
Amber Williams, Career Services Counselor 

No. of hours required to graduate: 90 

No. of Full-time students 1682 
No. of Evening students:
No. of Part-time students: 59 
Other: 31 
Total: 1772 

'13-'14 Year 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year Total
Men: 400  245  245  890 
Woman: 384  242  226  852 
Totals: 784  486  471  1741 
Black (Men): 26  15  11  52 
Black (Women): 75  42  29  146 
Hispanics (Men): 45  27  26  98 
Hispanics (Women): 41  33  18  92 
American Indian/Alaskan (Men): 11 
American Indian/Alaskan (Women):
Asian/Pacific Islander (Men): 24  11  44 
Asian/Pacific Islander (Women): 26  11  17  54 
Disabled (Men):
Disabled (Woman):
Openly GLBT (Men):
Openly GLBT (Woman):

Do you offer LL.M. degrees? Yes 
Is LL.M. grading system equivalent to JD system?  
Do you offer joint degree programs? Yes 
NO. of LL.M. degrees awarded in previous year:

Subjects Full-time Evening Part-time Other
No records retrieved.
Subjects Full-time Evening Part-time Other
No records retrieved.

Applications received: 6315 
Size of entering class: 808 
No. of undergraduate colleges represented: 314 
No. of states represented: 46 
In-state enrollment: 310 
Out-state enrollment: 469 
Foreign countries represented: 12 

25% 50% 75%
Grade Point Average Full-time 2.86 3.15 3.42
Part-time 2.65 3.03 3.26
Overall 2.86 3.14 3.42
Law School Admission Test


Full-time 146 149 152
Part-time 145 146 151
Overall 146 149 152
In determining GPA and LSAT averages, are all students included? Yes 
  If "No", what percentage is not included?

Fall Semester: Begin Date:
End Date:
Spring Semester: Begin Date:
End Date:
Semester Break: Begin Date:
End Date:
Spring Break: Begin Date:
End Date:

Clinical Courses/Program Enrollment Based on
Caribbean Law Clinic Course prerequisites
Family Law Clinic Course prerequisites
Consumer Law Clinic Course prerequisites
Immigrant Rights Law Clinic Course prerequisites
Housing Rights Clinic Course prerequisites
Judicial Externships 3.0 GPA & course prerequisites
Office of the U.S. Attorney Externship 2.7 GPA & course prerequisites
State Attorney's Office Externship 2.5 GPA & course prerequisites
Guardian ad Litem Externship 2.4 GPA & course prerequisites
Jacksonville Area Legal Aid Externships 2.3 GPA & course prerequisites
Disability and Benefits Clinic Course prerequisites
Public Defender's Office Externship Course prerequisites
Health Care Externship Course prerequisites
Department of Children & Families Externship Course prerequisites
Nasau County Attorney's Office Externship Course prerequisites
Jacksonville General Counsel Externship Course prerequisites
Three Rivers Tax Project Externship Course prerequisites
Jacksonville Area Legal Aid Externship Course prerequisites
The Center for Law and Sports
The Environmental Law Certificate Program
The Advanced Legal Research, Writing and Drafting Certificate Program
The International and Comparative Law Certificate Program
The Family Law Certificate Program

Is Moot Court a required activity? No 
Please describe program, including when students participate, how board members are selected, etc.
Students are eligible at the end of their first year to enter a school-wide competition with the 25-35 highest oral advocacy and brief writing scores invited to join the Honor Board. Members receive one pass-fail credit. Over the last three years, Coastal has won 26 best advocate and best brief awards and 9 international, national and state-wide tournaments, in addition to placing Top-10 and Top-21 in the world at the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in Washington D.C.

Journals No. of Students Grades Write-on Intv. Other
Florida Coastal Law Review 39 36 3
American Bar Association (Student Division)
Animal Law Society
Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
American Association of Justice
Black Law Student Association
CAPIL-Coastal Association of Public Interest Law
Christian Legal Society
Caribbean Law Students Association
Criminal Law Society
Entertainment Law Association
Environmental Law Society
Federalist Society
FCSL Democrats
Florida Coastal Ambassadors
Hispanic American Law Students Association
International Law Society
Irish American Law Society
Italian American Law Students Association
Jewish Law Students Association
J. Ruben Clark Law Society
Lambda Legal Society
Law Students Against Violence
Military Law Society
Mock Trial Team
Moot Court Honor Board
Phi Delta Phi
Pro Bono
Public Speaking for Lawyers
Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Club
South Asian American Legal Society
Sports Law Society
Student Bar Association
Women Law Students' Association
Family Law Society
Technology Law Students Association
The Volunteer Immigrant Student Alliance

Letter Grades Other Grade System? Numerical Equivalents
       A 4.0
       A- 3.67
       B+ 3.33
       B 3.0
       B- 2.67
       C+ 2.33
       C 2.0
       C- 1.67
       D 1.0
       F 0

MINIMUM GRADE REQUIRED TO ATTAIN (Based on May 2013 graduation class)
Top 10%: 3.42 
Top 25%: 3.08 
Top 33%: 2.96 
Top 50%: 2.73 
Top 75%: 2.33 

Median GPA: 2.73 
Minimum grade required for graduation: 2.0 
Do you have a pass/fail option? Yes
If "Yes", please describe: Non-course credits receive a pass/fail grade, i.e., clinics, teaching assistants, research assistants. 
Are students ranked in their class? Yes
If so, how often? Fall and Spring semester 
Will the school verify student grades? Yes
Please describe policy: Students and alumni can provide a signed release to the Registrar authorizing the Release of grades. 

Name of Award No. Awarded Selection Process
Dean's Scholar 153 Top 10% of student population
Dean's List 147 Top 20% of student population
  % of Class Receiving GPA Required # of Students
Order of the Coif:
Summa cum laude: .8 3.75 3
Magna cum laude: 3.4 3.50 13
Cum laude: 6.3 3.25 24

Areas of practice (Include both legal and non-legal positions) % of employed students with jobs in area Employment locations % of students with known location who are in region
Private practice: 38.4  New England:
Business and industry: 17.1  Middle Atlantic:
Government: 12.2  East North Central:
Judicial clerkship: 4.1  West North Central:
Military: 2.0  South Atlantic: 71 
Public interest organization: 22.5  East South Central:
Academic: 3.2  West South Central:
Job category not identified: 4.3  Mountain:

  Jurisdictions: (states and/or metropolitan areas)
                      with the highest % of graduates from the most recent graduating class

  Week invitations are sent to employers:
May 2, 2011
  OCI requests accepted by:  
  Mail Beginning Date: 05/02/2011
  Phone beginning date: 05/02/2011
  Email beginning date: 05/02/2011 To Email:
  Online beginning date: 05/02/2011 URL:
Please specify any changes in OCI procedures or policies that will be in effect for the first time during Fall 2014 :
OCI date assignment procedure:
 First come first served   Random
 Early/Late Rotation   Out of state employer by geographic location
  OCI Fee?
  OCI date confirmation will be sent to employers:
  if requested our school will coordinate with:
Any other Florida school.
  Describe required employer forms:
OCI dates for August: 08/29/2011 - 08/31/2011
OCI dates for Fall: 08/29/2011 - 11/11/2011
OCI dates for Spring: 01/17/2012 - 04/13/2012
  Flyback dates:
At employers discretion

  Is video conferencing available?  Yes 

  Are employers permitted to prescreen?  Yes 
  If "No", explain:

OCI drop date:
Date student materials sent to employer:
Date interview schedule sent to employer:
Postage/express mail fee?
Do you provide resume collection or direct mail option for employers not participating in OCI?  Yes 
  Are all OCI conducted in campus buildings?  Yes 
  If "No", describe alternatives and reservation procedure:

Southeastern Minority Job Fair
Southeastern Intellectual Property Job Fair
Loyola Patent Law Program
Equal Justice Works Career Fair
Florida Public Defender's Job Fair
Small Firms Conference
  Diversity Interview Programs:
IMPACT Career Fair
Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair
Minnesota Minoroty Recruitment Conference
Hispanic National Bar Association (Latino Job Fair)
Southern Black Law Students' Regional Convention

  Will you send, upon request, one package containing resumes/transcripts?  Yes 
  Will you post a notice directing students to apply directly to employer?  Yes 

If you provide job listings for graduates, describe how to send notice, when employers can expect responses, length of time notice is posted (whether in print or online), etc.;
Job listings may be mailed, faxed (904-680-7729), e-mailed (, or called into the Career Services Department (904-680-7744.)  We currently use Symplicity to post jobs for students and graduates.  Employers may also post their job directly at by simplying logging on and registering.  Students and graduates may apply directly to employers through Symplicity or employers may request students and graduates to mail or fax application materials.  Employers may decide how long their job will be posted.

Describe any special regulations pertaining to the recruitment of first year students that are in addition to the NALP guidelines. For example, are first year students eligible for spring OCI? When are job notices posted during second semester?
Job notices for first-year students will be posted according to NALP guidelines.  First-year students admitted in the fall semester are not eligible to participate in Fall OCI, however, they are eligible to participate in the spring OCI.  First-year students admitted in the spring semester are ineligible to participate in Spring OCI, but are permitted to participate in the following Fall's OCI.   Job notices are posted as received, however, first year's do not have access to the job postings until after Nov 1/April 1.

All services of the Career Services Department (CSD) are available to all students.  In addition, the CSD participates in several minority job fairs (see Other Interview Program section of this form).  Additionally, we host a Diversity Week on an annual basis.  We invite a diverse group of students and panelists to speak on diversity issues during this week.

Florida Coastal's Pro Bono Program offers desperately needed legal services to organizations with limited resources while enabling law students to gain valuable practical experience and professional feedback in pro bono legal and non-legal opportunities.  

Opportunities Include working with organizations such as:
Jacksonville Area Legal Aid; Jacksonville Legal Clinic; Habitat for Humanity; World Relief; City Rescue Mission;Hubbard House, Take Stock in Children; Three Rivers Legal Services;Legal Services of North Florida; Florida Legal Services, Inc.; Guardian Ad Litem; Big Brothers, Big Sisters; and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.    

Students contributing 125 hours (75 of which is law related), will receive: Notification on their transcript signifying pro bono achievement, a certificate signed by the Dean honoring their Pro Bono commitment; recognition during the Law Week Awards Ceremony; recognition at Graduation (in the Commencement Program); and an honor cord to wear during the commencement ceremony.   
Students contributing 50 hours (25 of which is law related), will receive:A certificate signed by the Dean honoring theirPro Bono commitment and recognition during the Law Week Awards Ceremony.  


No person shall on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity, genetics, gender identity, gender expression, political affiliation, marital status, familial status, or veteran status be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any of the programs and activities of Florida Coastal School of Law, including but not limited to admissions, retention, recruitment, and employment, consideration, or selection therefore, whether full-time or part-time.  Florida Coastal School of Law, as an equal opportunity institution of higher education, conforms to all applicable law prohibiting discrimination and affirms its commitment to equal employment opportunity.

The one exception to this non-discrimination policy is that while Florida Coastal School of Law does not condone the practice, the military may, pursuant to its regulations, discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Florida Coastal School of Law, through its Career Services Department (CSD), permits on-campus military recruitment.  

To ameliorate the potentially discriminatory impact on its students, measures have been implemented.  These ameliorative steps include:

1.        Posting this Policy in the CSD lobby and in the interviewing suites where the military conduct on-campus recruitment;
2.        Including this Policy on any military career postings or announcements; and/or
3.        Making available in the CSD library a collection of resources related to gay and lesbian practitioners.

Florida Coastal School of Law was granted full accreditation by the ABA in August 2002.

Florida Coastal is dedicated to facilitating our students' legal education and pursuit of meaningful careers in traditional or innovative settings. Toward those ends, Florida Coastal offers a quality legal education calibrated to the needs of its students, the community, and the profession designed to help law students "hit the ground running" upon graduation. Florida Coastal has a program that is responsive to concerns about the state of legal education, attentive to technology, premised upon humanistic values, appreciative of multiculturalism, and grounded in real-world experience. It also is dedicated to instilling an appreciation for the ethical demands of the legal profession; factoring the impact of globalization and technology; and serving the community.

Central to the achievement of the institution's purpose is a curriculum relevant to the existing and evolving needs of the community served by the legal profession. Florida Coastal is committed to providing a thorough grounding in doctrinal and essential skills such as interviewing, counseling, negotiation, trial advocacy, and methods of dispute resolution. It also fosters an appreciation for the law's context and history and stresses professional responsibility. Meeting the needs of the profession and society, by training attorneys who are well-schooled in essential skills and cognizant of a rapidly changing social and economic order, is a hallmark of legal education at Florida Coastal.


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